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Meet Tobi Canine Bed Bug Inspector

Tobi is a highly trained dog that alerts to ONLY live bed bugs
and viable eggs.

Trained, certified bed bug dogs have the advantage when it comes to bed bug detection.  

• Find live bed bugs with over 90% accuracy
• Receive training similar to bomb and drug detection dogs
• Save you time and money by quickly locating bed bugs

Our Services

termites belleville il termites in home

Termite Control

Protect your home with our effective termite control solutions. We’ll rid your home of destructive termites so you can relax knowing you’re guaranteed from future infestations.

bed bugs belleville bed bugs hotel

Bed Bug Treatment

Rest easy with our comprehensive bed bug treatment plans. Get your FREE quote today!

ants on counter top

Pest Control

Ants on the kitchen counter? Carpenter bees, hornets and all the other creepy flying insects can ruin sitting outside. Our Pest Control is guaranteed.

pest control mosquito

Mosquito Control

We protect you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

rodent control belleville il

Mole, Vole & Rodent Control

Whether you have mice, moles, voles or other pests. Healthy Home Pest Control and Services can take care of your rodent problems. Ask about our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free service calls!

angry raccoon

Wildlife Removal

Protect your pets and family with fast, humane, wildlife removal services.

cleaning an airvent

Air Duct & Vent Cleaning

Keep the air in your home clean from dirt, debris and dander in your vents. If you have a fireplace, chimney cleaning provides a safer operation of your system during the heating system.

japanese beetle

Seasonal Services

We offer customized lawn care programs to our customers that will give you a backyard you’ll be proud to show off to your neighbors.


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